Supporting small-scale growers

Outside of its season, DGL buys tomatoes from growers in Lebanon’s lower-lying areas to supply its clients year-round. “We ensure a consistent supply throughout the year, sourced from our own farms and collaborating with neighboring farmers. As a reference company, we do the marketing for an extensive network of growers, also investing in technical support and jointly purchasing the seeds to grow the same varieties in order to standardize production among our partner farmers. Most of the seeds come from renowned breeders through a seed importer, and we put plant propagation in the hands of specialized nurseries,” Antoine explains.

Though similar to a cooperative model, it is not quite the same, the young grower points out. “We remain a profit-driven private company, but we offer plenty of support to small-scale growers at all stages of the growing, processing, and sales process. I dream of uniting all Mount Lebanon growers to ensure a steady supply of consistent quality for retail and export. That includes building a packing facility with a modern sorting line here in the mountains. Those plans are already in place,” Antoine concludes with determination.